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Product Description

Right-Way Trail Systems, has developed a system of integrated modular trail platforms for use on OHRV (Off Highway Recreational Vehicle) trail systems in sensitive environments. The function of the product is to minimize the environmental impact of OHRV's. The product can be placed in vulnerable sections of trail, such as soft muddy areas and banks, to prevent the formation of ruts and mud holes and erosion. This will keep riders on the trail instead of having to go off the trail to go around impassable holes and ruts minimizing the trail foot print. It helps to preserve the environment by protecting the vegetation surrounding the trail, eliminating sedimentation into nearby streams and ponds, and preventing topsoil erosion. The product can also be placed on steep inclines allowing OHRV's to easily negotiate hill climbs while eliminating erosion on the hill stream or road bank. The versatile design allows the product to be used in multi-use trail applications and decking. Its two-sided design allows it to be installed in two ways, one side with wide interspacing to engage OHRV tires and another side with tighter interspacing for walking or equestrian trails. Snowmobile trails could benefit from the product using it to harden early season wet spots that are slow to freeze or other areas where snow constantly wears thin where property damage and erosion needs to be avoided. Each piece will measure approximately 34" x 47" and 3" in thickness. The product will is made of 100% recycled material. A US patent has been issued for this product.

Some benefits of the Eco-Stabilizer ™ product include:

  • Rugged construction allows product to maintain shape.
  • Product is simple to use.
  • Each piece includes pegs that lock it to the substrate.
  • (See pegs - go to Pictures ).
  • Each piece has large interspacing (approximately 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" ) to fully engage OHRV tires for traction.

    Product can be used both in level or low lying sensitive environments to reduce environmental damage or on hilly terrain to minimize slope erosion.

    Product was originally designed with OHRV's in mind, but its versatile design allows it to be used in any multi-use trail application, such as walking trails or equestrian trails.

    Model 'A' Section is shown in the picture above is installed to build trail widths of multiples of 44" to 46" depending on piece spacing. It took 27 minutes from start to finish. Two people that had never seen our product. Click picture to enlarge and show text.

    Model 'B' Section is shown in the picture above is installed to build trail widths of multiples of 30.5" to 32.5" depending on piece spacing.

    Dimensions and unit counts are approximate.