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Here at Right-Way Trail Systems we designed our Ecostabilizers to be user friendly in a variety of applications, including snowmobile trail use. The pictures below show a 10,000+ lbs.trail groomer on our product in a swampy area. This shows the tremendous strength and flexibility of our product with large loads on it. Many years ago a snowmobile trail actually used to go through the area in the photos below.

It was discontinued because it was slow to freeze early in the season and consistently caused problems with groomers and sleds in the mud. A road now bypasses this area to avoid the muddy mess .....if only Right-Way Trail Systems was around when this trail was built, we could have solved the problem for a lot less money, time, and effort !!!

In addition to eliminating erosion in muddy areas that are slow to freeze our Ecostabilizers can be used in high traffic areas where snow wears thin and environmental damage can occur. This can include feeder trails to gas and food or maybe out of a trail parking area. Our product can be put down in areas that wear thin and help sledders avoid "snirt", bare ground, rocks, and mud. This makes snowmobilers as well as trail administrators and especially the land owner very happy! Another high wear area that can be fixed with our product is high traffic road crossings. With increased use of traction control products on snowmobiles the edge of road crossings can have significant wear and erosion. Many towns and state highway departments are looking for ways to eliminate erosion to the edge of pavement at road crossings. With our product you simply can embed it even with the highway grade, back fill it with loam and replant, gravel, or maybe stone dust. This makes for a very stable substrate to support high traffic loads at popular road crossings. Once again sledders, trail administrators, and road agents are happy!

*A note about the photos below! You will notice in the photos below the Ecostabilizers are positioned with the large cell side up. In an install in a swampy area like this you would typically want the large cell side down and smoother side up. Having the large cell side down allows the product to sink into the mud a little bit more. Each of the large cells acts as a "suction" cup and locks the entire mat into place. We only took these photos for demonstrational purposes and needed to winch the mat out of the swampy area when we were done. Having the large cell side up allowed us to perform this task easier. The strength and load distribution abilities of the product are no different regardless of which side is up.

2013 Installation
Click picture to enlarge.

Pieces strapped to drag ready to head out.
Checking out the stream across the trail.
Pieces laid in place.
Close up of pieces in place.
Getting ready to push a blade full of snow over pieces.
Pushing the snow onto the pieces.
Notice blade up this time but drag down and cutting.
Drag making second pass over the installation.
Our product creates some airspace between the ground and the snow above allowing the water to flow through without eroding the trail.
Finished trail, smooth as glass and packed.
Trail still holding up after three days with temps near 50 degrees.
Notice the water running out from under the trail. Our product provides a barrier between the water and snow.
One small hole where the snow collapsed showing piece below. You can see the water running under trail.
Here you see the water going under the trail.

2010 Groomer Demonstration
Click picture to enlarge.